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Oh Great, Another Digital Marketing Company.

Oh Great, Another Digital Marketing Company. in Vancouver WA and Portland OR

Oh Great, Another Digital Marketing Company.

Digital Marketing by Chris Kramer in Vancouver WA and Portland OR


Typing "digital marketing vancouver wa" into Google will yield roughly 160 results in the map pack. Clicking into each of those results will reveal as many, or more, different approaches to digital marketing. So what was I thinking entering into an already crowded, local market? For one, I enjoy getting my hands dirty and solving a problem, and digital marketing is a certain type of problem. Second, I enjoy connecting with people. I have always been a talker. This is helpful when meeting with small business owners, as it helps to reap the most out of every interaction which, especially over time, saves them and I money. Nothing slows a plan down more like a miscommunication or lack of understanding.

Digital marketing is unique in that it combines technology, design sense, the written word, psychology, data analyzing, and real people. Third, digital marketing is unique in that it combines technology, design sense, the written word, psychology, data analyzing, and real people. This intersection of disciplines can be a rewarding puzzle to solve. I, like many others, find the balancing of these skills as a means to help businesses grow, an intellectually and artistically stimulating exercise.

Uhhhh...what, dude?

My fourth reason for entering the market on my own is that I have a different take. There are as many different approaches to digital marketing, many different paths to the goal, as there are different types of goals. There is room to finesse your own strategy, style, and metrics in this industry. I’ve witnessed this first hand during my years working at a successful and rapidly growing agency. I have seen what works, and what works less. Whether the "what" is user experience, technical SEO related, or content related. Diversity in a market ensures its stability, and I feel like what I have to offer to the digital marketing landscape is beneficial both to the reputation of the industry, and to the local businesses that I represent.

How am I seperating myself from the rest?

My background is heavily steeped in art and design. From 7th grade through my bachelors, I was enrolled in an art program. Through this time, I also taught myself HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript. After graduating college, I immediately began working at a digital marketing startup. Over the course of the next seven years, I learned the nitty gritty, ins and outs of all things SEO. Over my time there, the agency grew from 5 or so, to 25, accumulating accolades and larger and larger clients along the way.

Diversity in a market ensures its stability, Why does all this matter? I feel as someone who has been deep in the trenches when it comes to each design, programming, and SEO, that I have maybe not a unique perspective, but a highly informed and qualified one. My development chops help me realize my designs in a 1:1, lossless way. My detailed knowledge of SEO means that my websites satisfy search bots’ quality control algorithms.

Don’t forget about the little guy.

One thing I’ve noticed is that many SEOs, not full on agencies per se, but SEO only firms will routinely deny services to startups or newly minted businesses. This is because it’s hard to deliver results (at least certain metrics) with websites that are brand new to search engines. Websites that have a history, that have saturated the market with their business information, can benefit from some professional SEO services much more quickly. I will gladly accept these new businesses, not only because I am a new business, but because there are other ways to show value right out the gate other than search engine rankings. This applies to all businesses, not just startups.

Why "Trapkit"?

Trapkit was the original name for the modern drumset. "Trap" coming from contraption, which is what early drumsets were referred to, as they combined many different percussive instruments into a "contraption". I have been playing the drums for over 20 years and thought it sounded cool in the digital marketing context.

Thank for reading! If you or someone you know is looking for a fresh perspective on their efforts in marketing online, let them know about us.