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Website Photography

Website Photography in Vancouver WA and Portland OR
When building a website for a small business, it’s common for the designer/developer to inquire about existing photos - because you gotta start somewhere. Most small business owners will have legacy photos in a folder somewhere. What we’ve discovered over years of building websites is that it’s a time and money saver to include a photoshoot with every web build for clients that are within our service area. This is because computer monitors and cell phones have aspect ratios that just do not jive the dimensions native to most digital cameras. This means that photos taken specifically for websites will be aesthetically more viable than photos you already have.

How Do Website Photoshoots Work?

The most effective time for a website photoshoot is before the designing and developing of your new website even begins. Any web designer will tell you that having new photos during the development stage not only saves time but can also be very inspirational and help spur creativity.

A photoshoot will be scheduled once a service agreement is signed. The type of business being photographed will determine how the shoot progresses. Businesses with fleets and a crew will most likely focus on the team and their vehicles. This usually translates into group shots of employees in clean uniforms, in front of clean vehicles. If your business is an e-commerce shop, the photoshoot could focus on product photographs, or photographs of products displayed to disperse throughout the website.

Does Trapkit Actually Know How To Take Photos?

Most SEO and web design companies are offering photography services these days. This is because as the digital marketing landscape has become more saturated over the years, agencies have needed to add to their roster of services to stand out. This is great, if they hire a trained photographer on staff, or outsource, but this is hardly ever the case.

Having someone with years of photography experience will make the photos used on your website much more impactful, and will also help to keep the photoshoot moving along. Your time is money, and we don’t want to hold up your crew with an inexperienced photographer that will also deliver sub-par photographs.

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