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On-page SEO

On-page SEO in Vancouver WA and Portland OR

What Is Good On-Site SEO?

This realm of optimization deals with the crossover between “visible” SEO, and “invisible” SEO. A lot of the work of on-site SEO pertains to structure and content. Keyword density, organization, page title and meta description (visible in the SERP), internal linking, etc. With that in mind, well executed on-site SEO helps the user understand what your website is all about, which then the search engines will reward with more favorable rankings.
  • Is it obvious what the page is about?
  • Is the content well written or thought out?
  • How deep is your structure?
  • Are navigation points easy to locate?
Google has made it clear, for obvious reasons, that user experience (UX) will be a major deciding factor for ranking moving forward. Maintaining a clean and organized website will satisfy this metric, and check a box on your SEO to-do list.

On-Page SEO For Small Businesses

When it comes to small businesses, on-site SEO is really about a clear, and instructive layout, pertinent content, with a sprinkling of local references. Like was mentioned above, content and user experience are two main factors that determine ranking. Putting yourself in a local seacher’s shoes and imagining what would be a good user experience is a helpful exercise. Think about things like:
  • Simple and clear section headings
  • Human sounding, yet informative, language
  • Local signals: imagery, location names, references, etc.
  • Clean layout and navigation
  • No time wasting fluff
As an SEO, I am amazed at how many websites leave much to be achieved when it comes to local on-site/on-page SEO. It’s not hard to find missed opportunities when looking through local business websites. Don’t let that be you, it’s the easiest area to affect when it comes to local SEO.

How Does Trapkit Do On-Site SEO?

Trapkit built websites follow Google’s best practices. Every good digital marketing service should follow these pretty closely, but many do not. Where Trapkit is different, is in the content we deliver. Google has made it clear that businesses delivering new and informative content will be rewarded in the results pages. Working together to come up with this unique content is what we’re all about.

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