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Graphic Design Vancouver WA and Portland OR What Is Your Branding Saying?

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Graphic Design, in the realm of digital marketing, is really referencing your branding. Your logo, brand color, and fonts are attributable to your branding. Some less obvious aspects are shapes, spacing, photo treatments, icons, etc. Branding is the result of graphic design, not a subset.

People are now, and have always been, visual purchasers. It is not a waste of time to take into consideration what your business is saying before it says anything.

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Graphic Design Vancouver WA and Portland OR Ok, but why choose us?

Small Business Branding You Can Take Pride In

If you made it to this page, have scrolled down this far, and are reading these words— odds are in favor that you, to some extent, find this website either visually pleasing, enjoy reading the content, or both. This is by design! It's easy to see the benefits of putting thought into your graphic design and branding when people want to stay on your website longer.

When you choose Trapkit, this comes baked in. A discussion will take place on where your branding is now, and where you envision it going. Having this conversation is important before a web build, as the decisions being made could potentially affect other properties beyond your website. Business cards, vehicle wraps, other printed material as well should, in the end, match the feel of your website.

Graphic Design Vancouver WA and Portland OR What Makes Us Different?

User experience and high quality content. These two factors play a huge role in how search engines rank your website. This is why we aim to design you not only a fast, beautiful website — but also leverage what is unique about your business to create engaging, relevant content that converts.

Start with a complimentary digital marketing audit.

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Update Your Logo Today

It's never a bad time to update your bussinsse's branding. Most new business owners create their own logo and branding material to save money. As you grow, and your branding spreads further and further, it can become a daunting task to update your logo and branding across the internet.

At Trapkit, every new web build comes with a brand and graphic design refresh. Have you had an idea to update your logo, but never had the time to update? Let us know what you are thinking and we will incorporate your ideas into your new site.

Graphic Design Vancouver WA and Portland OR