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Small Business E-Commerce

Small Business E-Commerce in Vancouver WA and Portland OR
The Covid-19 pandemic increased e-commerce transactions dramatically across many industries. This was a fast-forwarding of a trend that was already in motion, as more and more people were purchasing items and services online year over year. If you have a small e-commerce business on a platform like Shopify or Etsy, switching over to WordPress/WooCommerce offers many benefits.

The most immediately beneficial of which is avoiding paying the fees associated with the aforementioned platforms. This alone may be worth the switch, depending on the volume of units you are selling. Other benefits are not having to compete with other sellers in the same vertical when users search for products. You are also able to control every aspect of the buying experience, and have complete control over the layout and design of your store. This opens up oppotunities for add-ons/upsells, promotion for future products, etc.

E-Commerce Website Development For Service Based Businesses

E-commerce doesn’t have to be just for businesses selling physical or digital items. Service based industries could also leverage e-commerce functionality in creative ways. Perhaps you own a handyman business. As a one-person show, it could be beneficial time-wise to have your customers purchase services on an online store, and let WordPress keep track of everything on the backend of your website. Or perhaps you’re running a growing HVAC company. Wrapping up the installation and unit costs into one fee that customers can pay online could be a way to speed up the sales process dramatically.

WooCommerce Partners WIth Google

It was announced in June of 2021, that Google’s search engine shopping platform would be integrating with WooCommerce, as well as other e-commerce services. This is great news for small businesses looking to create an online store, as search engine users will now potentially see your products directly in the results page. This means that small businesses using WooCommerce are on a more even playing field, and are able to recieve traffic difectly from Google to their own websites and control the shopping experience.

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