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Aluminum Gangway, Dock, and Bridge Manufacturer- Woodland, WA

Topper Industries

Topper had recently been purchased by a similar company out of Georgia, and was looking to modernize Topper's website and increase their organic visibility.

As they are a legacy company in a somewhat niche market, they had lots to gain from an updated marketing strategy in terms of traffic and conversions.

After an in-depth survey of their keyword performance in Search Console, as well as identifying issues with off-site properties, including their Google Business, a plan was executed to bring their marketing efforts up-to-date.

Alpha Tree Care, LLC
Work Performed

Taking inspiration from their branding, and websites the client suggested, I created a series of design templates to present. After the team had decided on a template, pages were created in accordance with their new site structure.

Alongside the site, I programmed an interactive, bridge designer tool to be used as a unique lead generation mechanism. The user can choose from a wide variety of options, creating a visualization of their project. Once they are satisfied, the customer can then submit the design to the sales and engineering teams.


Immediatley after launch, the client saw a dramatic positive change in organic search metrics. The website began to rank higher for the client's desired search terms, and the team saw a lowered bounce rate and longer time-on-page.

The live chat feature implemented also immediatley began to yield warm leads for the client's sales team.

As this clien't website is newly launched, more time is needed to get a concrete view of its performing metrics, but preliminary data is trending positivley

Directly After Launch

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