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Medical Kit E-Commerce Site

ARK Medical

This client own a startup that created custom emergency kits for many different applications. They came to us with a Squarespace site, a handful of products, and a desire togive their users the bext experience possible.

The plan was to re-create every product in Woo Commerce/WordPress, produce high-quality product images, and decide on what type of content to write based on demand and potential audiences in the market. It was important to focus on niches that maybe the larger emergency kit providers may not be catering to due to the pervasiveness/saturation of this type of product in the market already. Creating a visual/voice seperation from competitiors was top of mind when designging the site and writing content for this client.

Work Performed

Stock was taken of all the products, their descriptions, photos, and any other pertinent product information. Then were then all re-created in WooCommerce and optimized for search

The site design took into consideration competitors, with efforts taken to mimic slightly, while making a concerted effort to seprate through messaging, content focus, and product/website imagery.

Extensive product photographs were produced with efforts taken to create as much excitement as possible through imagery alone. This is because consumers shop promarily through images when beginning to shop for s given product. The product images would not only appear on the website, but also social media and Google Merchant Center.


The client was very enthusiastic about the results. The website and phorographs serve as a solid base on which to build traffic and conversions. Leveaging captive audiences on social media as avenues for free advertising, as well as running ads on various platforms, the goal since luanch has been to simply create some brand awareness.