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Alpha Tree Care

Alpha Tree Care is a great example of when a business owner that takes the time to learn the core concepts of internet marketing prior to reaching out to a professional in the field. Lonnie created a website early on when starting his business, and took the time to create quality citations all over the web. This was enough to get things off the ground for a while. When digital marketing became more comptitive, he sought out more professional help.

It was obvious a site redesign was needed, but his legacy domain and off-site digital footprint was robust. An updated structure was drafted, as well as desigm templates that refelcted where he wanted to take Alpha Tree Care.

Alpha Tree Care, LLC
Work Performed

It's important for me to have a firm grasp of who the client is, and why they started their business, before embarking on a digital marketing campaign. It benefits the client that the information presented is in their voice, and that they come off as authentic. It's the digital marketer's job to ensure they this authenticity is woven into the client's marketing, as this is what will seperate them from their competitors.

In the spirit of authenticity, photoshoot was conducted to showcase the crew and their professionality. Updated photographs are a must have for any serious marketing online.

Finally, work was performed to align their GMB with current service offerings, crew, logo, and NAP.


After we launched the client's site, there was an immediate increase in leads via form submissions. This is partly due to the redesign, but also increased traffic. The site's new url structure and content dramatcially increased Alpha's placement in not only Google's local maps, but organically as well.

This increase in visibility led to increased business. Alpha now ranks exceptionally well for his major services, which was due large in part to his legacy off-site SEO efforts that I was able to clean up.

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