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Custom Website Design

Custom Website Design in Vancouver WA and Portland OR
You need a customized website design to compete online. What does this mean? As discussed on our page about WordPress, there are plenty of “user-friendly” options on the market for creating a visually pleasing website. Where small businesses going it alone fall short is failing to create a sitewide, cohesive brand and message. In this sense, custom website design is less about visual design, and more about defining how you want your user’s to interface with your business online.

Small Business Web Design For Converting Traffic

In the early days of the internet, small business websites were referred to as brochure websites. An elaborate online business pamphlet, there to inform you of the basics about a business. In 2021, a business’s website serves as a first or second point of contact with a potential client or customer. This first impression, studies have showsm, is crucial. Calls to action, points of interaction, messaging, visual design, and other on-page conversion tools can take your website from a “brochure” to an important conversion tool in your marketing tool bag.

Your Business Is Unique— Your Website’s Design Should Be Too

Google has made it loud and clear and content is king moving forward. What does that mean for the small business trying to stake a claim in their market? It means emphasizing what is unique about your business, which will in turn inform how your website is customized. When thought about in these terms, it’s clear that custom web design is not just visual. Some questions to consider when planning out a website’s design:
  • Who goes to your website?
  • Is this the type of traffic you want?
  • How did they find your website?
  • What are they looking for?
  • How can you get the type of traffic you’re after?
After answering these types of questions, the direction of your custom web design should become clearer. These are the questions your web design company should be asking when finalizing the visual and functional directions or your website.

How Does Trapkit Do Custom Websites?

No two businsses are alike, even if in the same industry. It's the nuances of your operation and execution that seperate you from your competition. Taking your business's idiosycrisies and nunaces into account, we will create you a basic, live mockup of a website that we think would best serve you. You will then give us any input you have. After the mockups are approved, the full site build will begin. This is an extrmely simplified explanation, with many other aspects of your agreement affecting the process, but helps give you an idea of the process.

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