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Custom Programming

Custom Programming in Vancouver WA and Portland OR
Custom website programming at Trapkit essentially refers to custom projects. Projects can range from something small, like an animated infographic, to something more involved. These proejcts usually are taken on to solve some a problem that is unique to your business, where programming added functionality to your website can solve.

How Can Small Businesses Lerverage Custom Coding?

Some examples might include custom forms to be filled out by either a client or technician pertaining to some aspect of your operation. Forms such as intake forms or bids/estimates. Having a form such as this accessible on your site could be a convenient place to send your technicians or customers, with submissions being sent to pertinent staff after the form is completed. Other examples might include new hire training. Having your training material organized on your website and maintained by Trapkit could save you time and money. This could include any media you already have created such as pdf’s, videos, and photographs. Internal HR processes are just one area a custom project could add value to your website.

Custom Coding For User Experience

The above paragraph discussed some internal processes that could be streamlined by working them into your website, but that’s only one side of the coin. Adding custom functionality to the front end of your website in order to affect the user experience can be a great asset. Points of interaction such as infographics and design/animation heavy landing pages that are entertaining and informational also fall under the custom programming umbrella as well. This affects SEO in that it may increase time on page and might also get shared across different websites, uncluding social media), which sends positive signals to the search engines about your content.

What Can You Come Up WIth?

As a small businss owner, you proabably have a backlog of things you've always wanted to implement on your website. Whether it's a custom feature your competiton hasn't thought of yet, or a feature on your website that isn't built as well as it could be. We enjoy solving these types of problems.

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