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Is Your Google Business Listing Optimized?

Your Google Business listing is arguably your most important off-site asset. Google uses the information contained in your GMB profile as a template for how your business information is listed across the internet, including your website. Over the years, more features have been added in order to help Google parse information about your business and ensure that it’s being served to the most applicable search engine users. It’s therefore crucial that this property is leveraged to the fullest extent to ensure the most qualified traffic is seeing your profile.

Do I Need My Google Business Listing To Be Managed?

Nope, but it sure helps. Think of your digital marketing efforts as a garden: it needs a good soil or foundation, quality seeds (website, social, listings), and then it needs to be watered and cared for. This last step is where it’s beneficial to have some help. Google loves to see action. Whether that’s information about your business being updated, new services being added, content being updated, photographs being added, etc. Having a partner to manage your Google Listing not only ensures it’s formatted and presented in the most effective manner, but also that the information will be accurately reflected on your website. That is, if your website is also being managed.

How Does Trapkit Manage Google Business Listings?

With 49% of businesses receiving 1000 GMB views per month, as seen in this study, it’s important that your listing is accurate. How do we help you do this?
  • Up to date and accurate services
  • Clear and concise service descriptions
  • Up to date photographs and imagery
  • Accurate hours of operation/holiday hours
  • Ensure information mirrors that on your website
If you have multiple locations, there is even more to consider. In any case, receiving your SEO, Google Business, and Web Design Services from a singular place will maximize the benefit of all three. Not always, but many times, it can be a hassle to contact two or three different service providers to effect a change across different mediums. With Trapkit, we ensure that your Google Business, Website, and general SEO are in lock step for a competitive monthly fee.

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