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Fill out the form and we'll I'll audit your homepage SEO and send you the results in a personalized PDF. Use the results to help guide you in a direction that actually moves the needle for your search engine ranking— and ultimately to generate more qualified leads.

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Why the home page?

Search engines referce your home page's search signals as a barometer for your site as a whole. Think of it as a first impression. It's important that your home page sets an authoritative tone that search engines, such as Google, feel confident will satisfy the searcher's query or goal.

What insights can I expect?

There are a few main areas of scrutiny that I will focus on when evaluating your home page:

  1. Content
    Content is everything. I will make sure your content is lengthy enough, focused, has effective keyword choices/keyword density/long tail keywords, has effective tone, etc.
  2. On-Page
    I will check your markup, heading tag usage, page title/meta, and also assess the overall user experience.
  3. Technical
    Getting in the weeds technically, I will the check page speed, SSL implementation, schema usage, and more.
homepage audit
What happens after I fill out the form?

Within 48 business hours, I will dedicate a half hour or so to assessing your home page and send you the results in a pdf. This will be an objective take on the state of your SEO, and not a veiled sales pitch.

Why is it FREE? To show potential clients that I know what I'm talking about. If your home page is in an exceptionally bad state, you can use that knowledge to decide how to move forward. Whether that's with Trapkit, or another professional, thats's up to you!