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Logo Design

Logo Design in Vancouver WA and Portland OR

What Makes A Good Logo?

A good logo is one that is memorable, informative, and one that is well designed. Most small business owners will have spent some time sketching their ideas on scratch pieces of paper before finalizing their design and committing to their business cards and advertising materials. As a business grows over time, hiring a graphic designer to refine your logo is money well spent.

Should Small Businesses Update Their Logo?

Updating your logo is a great way to show prospective customers that you take pride in what you do. At Trapkit, we are experts in graphic design and love to create compelling, enhanced logos for our customers. We’ll ensure that your logo is viable to be used not just on printed material, but also apparel.

Logo updating is offered to all monthly clients, but also a la carte to businesses who don’t need comprehensive digital marketing services. We will sit down and discuss any ideas you have, and we’ll offer recommendations along the way. Once an idea is settled on, we’ll take it from there. A few iterations will be mocked up for you to choose from. Once a final choice is made, full logo development will begin. Upon completion of your new logo, a zip file will be sent to you containing a wide variety of versions that are suited for different purposes.
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